Society’s Life Trophies

I doubt you have ever seen car quite like this one. I don’t believe there is another one in the world quite like it. It rides the streets and back highways of the island of Cuba. You may recognize obvious elements of a late 50’s Cadillac. If you do, you are also thinking that you didn’t know they made those in a station wagon. They did. That is, they made them in a hearse.

Still, this one has some of the recognizable elements of the hearse while also exhibiting numerous design points of other cars. There are also some things that are obviously not from any car make. They are redesigned by necessity to function for the needs of the road this rare gem haunts. I am amazed at what the mechanics and autobody men of Cuba have done. These drivers are very proud of their cars, and they have every reason to be.

Let me bring this down to you and me. As I mentioned in my last post, we were made in the image of God.1 Every man, woman, and child is given the potential to live to be examples of God’s character and handiwork. Every one of us is intended by Him to be perfect in all our ways as He is perfect.2 As we look at ourselves, we know that while we may have some of the outward trimmings of goodness, we all fall far short.3 This is a fact of life.

Add to this, the examples we see in our society are like the Caddy in the picture. How are we supposed to know how to be like God wants us to be if we don’t know what that looks like? Today, we get unclear messages from the worlds of media and entertainment, from education and government, and even from the church! All of society seems to be trying to not only lead us away from God’s design, but forcing us away from the life He intends us to live.

It is no wonder if you feel a bit confused. Does God still want us to live that old-fashioned way? We live in the 21st Century. Things are different now.

Well, I have heard that, too. It is easy to see that things are different. Much different. In some ways that is good. But when it comes to morality and honest, faithful living, any decline from the standard God set is frankly a move toward immorality and evil.

So, who are you and what are you here for? Are you simply supposed to follow every fad and show you can be whatever the situation calls for? Should you be a friend to everyone by participating in whatever they want to do? Do you let others mold you according to their idea of fun or morality or political correctness? 

Are you trying to be a trophy of our messed-up society? And if you are, how do you keep up with that when their ideas change with the next new “in thing” to come along? What is the standard? What is right? Yes, what is truth?

Real values don’t change with every political campaign. The values of this country are the same as they have been since God led valiant men and women to establish a nation and a constitution based on biblical principles written by Moses thousands of years ago.

Our purpose here is to learn to be the kind of man or woman who God is building to lead your family in a way that prepares you for whatever is coming. Don’t be surprised if He doesn’t stop with your family. Our churches, communities and country need valiant men and women as leaders now, just as we did in 1776.

God has a plan for you. It starts with you surrendering to Him. I’ll address that in my next post.

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#Live Valor.

Open Up. What have you noticed about the changes in our cultures expectation of men and women? What do you think about it? 

  • 1 Genesis 1:27
  • 2 Matthew 5:48 (see NLT)
  • 3 Romans 3:23

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