Creation Revealed

As with all raging beasts, this one had to be contained. He had proven impossible to restrain in his natural habitat. Already he had provoked the heavenly beings. No one was safe in his presence. All efforts to deal with him had failed. There had to be a way to prevent him from roaming to other places where he would continue to wreak havoc.

A rescue plan had to be developed that would save not only his primary target–the inhabitants of Earth–but also the rest of the universe. These restrictions had to be firm. But the plan also had to be loose enough to allow the beast to show his true colors so that no one would ever be besieged by him again.

And so, a cage had to be constructed. We’ll call it a box. It would be a box within which he could still roam. If not, some might say he had been treated unfairly. There would be others who would be confined within the box as well, but not because they were dangerous. They needed to grow and learn to trust their Master. They would be overcome by the beast if they didn’t choose to keep themselves close to the Master and separate from the beast.

A box like this never existed before. It was invented specifically for this rescue mission. The box is called ‘time.’ And the beast? You’ve already met him. You may even be in his snare without knowing it. At the very least, he has his eye on you, waiting for the right time to use you to get at the Master.

So, where shall we start?

“In the beginning…”

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